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Through this initiative, Repsol employees interested in supporting social projects can make a monthly donation of one euro or more. Your collaboration can help many people.

Each project will receive a maximum of € 12,500 (€ 7,500 donated by Fundación Repsol and € 5,000 to be collected by employees)

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Women entrepreneurs


Metropolitan Lima concentrates 32% of the Peruvian population according to the 2017 Census prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics –INEI, among its sectors is Lima North, consisting of 8 districts and is the second urban area with the highest percentage of people in poverty , from Metropolitan Lima. In 2018, INEI reported that the unemployment of the Economically Active Population (PEA) in North Lima reached 6.6% and underemployment 35.2%; however, women have an unemployment rate of 9.2%.

Women entrepreneurs

To respond to the unemployment situation experienced by the population of the northern area of ​​Lima, it is proposed to develop economic ventures, which allow people to develop their business ideas and work on their own.

Through this project, it is proposed to implement and strengthen 30 entrepreneurship projects lead by women from the two farthest and least favored districts of North Lima (Santa Rosa and Ancón). The businesses will be oriented in the dynamic economic sectors of the districts (beach area, tourist attractions and proximity to country restaurants) with an environmental perspective and innovative.

For the development of the business, ACH relies on the methodology “Vives Emprende” and facilitates tools and strategies for the development of a venture and support in technical, financial and legal aspects. During the training, nurseries will be provided, to ensure that women attend to the training and their children are in safe spaces.

The objective is that the beneficiaries not only improve their economic situation, but also the improvement of family and social life as a basis for human development. Therefore, it incorporates the participation of family members in the process of improving entrepreneurship.


Strengthen the capacities of sustainable economic enterprises led by women in Peru.

  • Project launch and communication in social networks.
  • Design and development of training material.
  • Execution of the Training Program. It will be executed in 8 sessions of 3 hours per session, with 30 women entrepreneurs from the districts of Santa Rosa and Ancón.
  • Technical advice in order to improve the development of the business.
  • Presentation of the plan and delivery of capital to women.
  • Accompaniment and monitoring of the implementation and strengthening of eco-sustainable economic ventures.

30 young women and mothers at risk from the districts of Santa Rosa and Ancón, in Lima, Peru.